Health Concerns and Yoga

While yoga can be made accessible for people with a variety of health conditions, it’s a good idea for individuals with chronic illness or pain and those who have had recent injuries or surgeries to consult with a health care provider and get clearance. Often, doctors and physical therapists will encourage yoga practice, but they may also give you cautions about certain movements and positions. If they do, please let your yoga teacher know. And if a health care professional says you’re not ready for yoga yet, please be patient. One of the philosophical principles of yoga is ahimsa, non-harming. Meditation is always possible even when asana practice is not. Your mind can practice this aspect of yoga regardless of the body’s readiness.

An aspect of health and ahimsa during the pandemic, of course, is doing as much as possible outdoors and keeping appropriate physical distance. If you are experiencing covid-like symptoms or have recently tested positive, please wait two weeks or have a negative test result before participating in group exercise.